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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Beatles smoked when they met the Queen

The Beatles were together in a group and led the party because 'Beatles' is the first name in the alphabetical order of the list. As they shuffled down the corridor towards the ballroom, everyone seemed solemn. The Beatles led the male MBEs and from another room, a host of middle-aged female MBEs emerged and walked ahead of the Beatles. As the Beatles were to go forward to meet the Queen together, a member of the party asked them if they were nervous. John replied, "Yes, we are a bit but we'll be all right when we go into our routine." When the Queen presented the group with their silver medals, she said to Paul, "How long have you been together now?" He replied, "Oh, for many years." Ringo said, "Forty years." The Queen then turned to Ringo and said, "Are you the one who started it?" He replied, "No, I was the last to join. I'm the little fellow." The Queen turned to John and said, "Have you been working hard lately?" and he replied, "No, we've been on holiday."

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